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Brilliant Blue | E133 | FD&C Blue no.1

Brilliant blue FCF or CI 42090 is an artificial blue color.  Other names used  for Brilliant blue FCF are FD&C Blue No.1, Acid Blue 9, D&C Blue No. 4, Alzen Food Blue No. 1, Atracid Blue FG, Erioglaucine, Eriosky blue, Patent Blue AR, Xylene Blue VSG,

Chemical Structure and properties

The chemical structure of FD&C Blue No.1 is C37H34N2Na2O9S3.  It is a triarylmethane dyes which are dyes derived from triphenyl methane.


Brilliant blue FCF is a reddish-blue powder. It is soluble in water. A solution of brillian blue FCF has a maximum absorption at about 628 nanometer. It can be mixed with tartrazine to create various colors of green.



As a blue color, Brilliant Blue FCF is often found in ice cream, canned peas, diary products, confections and drinks.



The FDA requires certification for the color FD&C Blue No.1 . Click here for more information and here for companies requesting color certification within the last two years. In the EU it is an allowed color. For canned peas there is a maximum allowed level set at 20mg/kg. Click here (pdf) for more information.




Click here to find suppliers of brilliant blue FCF.

To read more about brilliant blue FCF: wikipedia


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