unique multivitamin product line

Unique multivitamin product line

Vitanova has developed a unique multivitamin product line made with probiotic-cultured nutrients, certified organic botanicals, and non-GMO ingredients sustainably sourced from around the globe.

Combining ancient tribal knowledge, ethically sourced ingredients, and scientific research, Vitanova strives to support living a vibrant life. They bring this ancient botanical wisdom to a line of products using the purest, most potent origin known to science: organic superfoods and plants.

“Nature is as diverse as each human is unique. When we mimic nature and use botanical wisdom to bring wellness to the individual, we become healthier — we believe the closer to nature we are, the healthier we become,” said the company’s co-founder, Zak El-Wattar.

Vitanova has recently added to this line of distinctive supplements four new products designed to support daily living and wellness:

  • KeepCalm features sustainably sourced organic Ashwagandha supporting energy, stress relief, and health in today’s high-stress world.*
  • Sleep Well has calming botanical complexes, because nothing is more important than a good night’s rest.*
  • Beauty Collagen Renewal supports skin elasticity and firmness.*
  • Brain Food contains phosphatidylserine and polyphenols made from non-GMO sunflowers and blueberries.*

These products are available now at Vitanova.com or Amazon, and will be in major stores soon.  We are excited to announce that the Vitanova multivitamins will be featured in Bulu Box for the month of May.

Vitanova believes the closer we are to nature the healthier we are. Vitanova works with indigenous tribes in remote and hidden locations around the globe to find and ethically source the botanical wisdom found in nature. These ancient cultures have been using plants and superfoods to heal and restore wellness for thousands of years.

Vitanova has respect for the indigenous people who have shared their botanical knowledge. The company is working to support these cultures with projects that preserve indigenous languages and sustain their botanical wisdom.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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