Succinylated Monoglycerides | SMG | E472g

Succinylated monoglycerides or the acronym SMG are the products of the reaction of distilled monoglycerides with succinic anhydride. It is a waxy solid at room temperature.

Chemical Structure and Properties

SMG is a good dough strengthener with a little crumb softening effect.

It also enhances oven spring. SMG may be difficult to use in dough due to its waxy nature. It can be more easily used in systems where the fat is melted and succinylated monoglycerides are melted with the fat.

Functionality in Food

Succinylated monoglycerides are used as emulsifiers, dough strengtheners, and crumb softeners.


The common use for succinylated monoglycerides is in bakery applications.




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