New sports performance gummies, Energon Qube™ Power Up and Recover

New sports performance gummies

Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), an R&D focused nutraceutical company, is launching a new product line called Energon Qube™. These sports performance gummies take nutrition to the next level. Combining advanced carbohydrate formulations with functional compounds, SGC’s Energon Qube™ products are designed to fuel the body and the mind for optimum performance.

Each product has a unique glycemic and functional profile to accommodate the sport performance objectives of active lifestyles. The first two products to be launched in the Energon Qube™ line are “Power Up,” a pre-workout product; and “Recover,” a post-workout product. Power Up combines complementary carbohydrates with fast and slow-release caffeine and herbs for fast-acting and sustained energy throughout your workout. Recover contains an optimal mix of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and herbs to rapidly recharge muscle cells, and accelerate recovery.

Energon Qube™ sports performance gummies originate from SGC’s research and development capabilities and are based on SGC scientists’ deep understanding of human nutrition and physiological needs. “Our products are ideal for sports because, unlike traditional powders and energy bars on the market, these performance gummies dissolve and are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream for fast action and results,” said Dr. Connie Wan, CEO. She adds, “I’ve heard from professional and amateur athletes alike that after trying our gummies, there is a noticeable difference in performance during their workouts and recovery.”

More information about Energon Qube™ products can be found at the website. The company is giving out free samples of both, while supplies last!

The first product SGC released was Functional Fruit, which are multivitamin fruits bits rich in the fruits’ natural antioxidants and fibers. It contains no added sugar, no artificial flavor or color, no artificial sweetener, no animal byproducts, and is certified as organic by USDA.
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