Seedborn (e)

Seedborn (e) is an all round dressing (tahini style) made from one ingredient only – sesame seeds. It is the only super food dressing available on the shelf and is truly a paradigm changer.

A healthy, superfood-derived mayonnaise alternative in a squeezable bottle helps address the current egg crisis. SeedBorn (e)®, developed by Rushdi Food Industries Ltd.,  is a salad dressing made from just a single ingredient: sesame. Full of flavor, healthy high-value nutrients, SeedBorn(e) is the best alternative to egg-/ mayonnaise-based dressings, such as Ranch or Bleu cheese.

Seedborn (e) – convenient

A special production process eliminates the need to prepare tahini, one of the challenges in new markets, therefore it can be enjoyed by any consumer, ready to use in a squeezable bottle.
Seedborn (e) has also changed the way tahini is used, changing the packaging “allows” the customer to use it in a much versatile way – sweet or savory, hot or cold: as salad dressing, instead of mayonnaises; as a baking ingredient, mixed with honey or it can be poured over desserts as an alternative for butter.
Seedborn (e) is the healthiest option in the dressing category. It has a high percentage of calcium and iron, excellent source of antioxidants, zinc, manganese and vitamins B1, B2, B2.
This ONE INGREDIENT dressing has no additives, preservatives, salt or sugar. It is gluten-free, vegan and also available in an organic version. It is available in 5 different flavors.

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