non-dairy fruit & veggie pops

Ruby Rockets non-dairy fruit & veggie blend pops

Ruby’s Naturals, Inc., following the success of its popular Ruby Rockets Frozen Veggie & Fruit Pops, announced the launch of its new Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Blend, which is now available at select retailers nationwide and online at

With no added sugar, the new gluten-, dairy- and GMO-free product expands the Ruby Rockets line of healthy and deliciously satisfying snacks that women can count on for themselves and their families.

Available today in three delectable flavors, Ruby Rockets Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Blends provide a better-for-you alternative to yogurt. Featuring a creamy blend of veggies, fruit and plant-based protein—including creamed coconut, chia seeds and pea protein—these portable snacks are served in convenient tubes that require no refrigeration and have a 90-day shelf life, making them the perfect grab-and-go snack for school lunches, family road trips, and easy-to-reach at-home treats. They also meet an array of dietary needs so that the entire family can enjoy them. In addition to being gluten- and dairy-free, they are also vegan and kosher.

“Ruby’s Naturals believes in using only simple, plant-based ingredients to create great-tasting, healthy snack options for consumers,” said Carl Gerlach, CEO, Ruby’s Naturals, Inc., the maker of Ruby Rockets snacks. “The launch of this new non-dairy yogurt alternative naturally expands upon this mission and further differentiates our offering in the snack food category with a first-of-its-kind product that challenges the healthy snack status quo.”

Ruby Rockets Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Blend is available in eight-tube packages ($4.49 SRP/box) in three mouth-watering flavors:

  • Stellar Strawberry: Blend of creamed coconut, organic carrot, strawberry, sweet potato, chia seed flour, pea protein, banana, beet and pear
  • Beam Me Up Berry: Blend of creamed coconut, organic raspberry, beet, strawberry, white grape, pea protein, blueberry, chia seed flour, banana, pear and sweet potato
  • Telescopic Tropic: Blend of creamed coconut, organic pineapple, butternut squash, sweet potato, orange, chia seed flour, pea protein and banana

Timed with the launch of the product, Ruby Rockets has created an e-commerce website at, immensely expanding product distribution to customers nationwide. The complete product line, including the three flavors of non-dairy yogurt alternatives and eight flavors of Frozen Veggie & Fruit Pops, is now available for purchase online.

“With the addition of the e-commerce platform, Ruby Rockets is now able to provide products directly to consumers, making the option to incorporate healthy snacks into your everyday routine that much easier,” said Marcia Bateson, co-executive chair, Ruby’s Naturals, Inc. “As a company, we’ve seen tremendous growth since our launch in 2013 and look forward to amplifying that trajectory through the launch of this new innovative product and our online purchasing platform.”

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