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A basic company listing is for FREE, including 5 FREE tags* per listing.
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  • Logo (US$25/year)
  • Tags*: Want unlimited tags? US$ 25/year per listing
  • Featured listing** (US$ 50/year for all categories that you are listed in. Please send us an email if you want to have a featured listing)
  • Additional business description (first 50 words are free, more than 50 words cost US$ 25/year)
  • Second website link (US$ 25/year)
  • Brand names (as many brand names as you have for US$ 10/year)

If you choose one of the options to enhance your listing, we will send you an invoice. The enhanced features will not show until we have received payment. If you have more than two listings, the 3rd and higher similar paid options will receive a discount of 50%.

Please read the instructions next to each topic, before moving on to the next page in the supplier directory.

Once you have selected your categories for your products and services, you cannot go back to the category selection page again!


Tags make it possible for readers to find you listing if they are looking for things that are not currently included in the searchable fields. They do show not up in your listing in the front-end of the site but are searchable and, therefore, make it easier for users to find you. For example, you can use the commonly used name of your emulsifier, nutrient or vitamin, it can be found by users that are looking for that word. Or you can list a functionality or special property of you product. You get the first 5 Tags for free. If you want unlimited tags, it is only US$ 25 per/year per listing.

** Featured listing

A featured listing is a listing that shows up on top of all other listings in the categories that you have selected. The listing has a different color that makes it stand out even more. Potential customers will see you first!



After you have registered and submitted your company information, your basic listing will be visible online after approval. Your enhancements will be visible online after payment has been received.

We currently accept checks and PayPal for US customers, bank transfers and PayPal for most European customers. For all other customers, PayPal is our accepted payment method.