Gourmet Salt on Kickstarter Made With Crickets

Gourmet salt made with crickets

Cricket Flours LLC, Oregon’s first edible insect company, announces the launch of their new Cricket Salt on Kickstarter for World Edible Insect Day taking place October 23rd. After their success raising over $25K last year for a Cricket Brownie Mix on the platform, Cricket Flours is launching a handcrafted gourmet salt made with Himalayan Pink Salt and real crickets that ships in time for Christmas.

Of the company’s recent release of the new finishing salt, Cricket Flours CEO Charles Wilson said, “Launching for World Edible Insect Day and shipping in time for the holidays is the perfect opportunity for our company. Since founding the company, we continue to craft products and recipes that can be shared with friends and the whole family. 3 years ago we had a pretty niche following in the entomophagy space; today we work with thousands of families, chefs, restaurants, schools, and museums and this is one more way for someone to try insects in their favorite dishes or as a gift we know they won’t have for the holidays.”

To launch their latest Kickstarter project, Cricket Flours planned and performed the following:

  • After raising $25K from over 325+ backers, Cricket Flours worked directly with chefs and families to craft their handcrafted gourmet salt with crickets that can be used throughout the kitchen and recipes.
  • By using recipes from Cricket Flours published “Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL…” they were able to focus on a product that could be used to enhance any dish for people to try crickets for the first time and in new ways.
  • Continuing to develop new flavor ideas for the Cricket Salt, Cricket Flours’ additional stretch goals on Kickstarter are available once the $3,500 goal is reached to unlock more flavor and spice combinations with salts sourced from around the world.

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