EFSA NOVEL Food Approval – Ingredient for Satiety and Detox

EFSA NOVEL Food Approval – Ingredient for Satiety and Detox

The industry and authorities work hard to improve consumer diets in terms of caloric intake; mainly via reducing fat and sugar content. However, the fact is that calories from snacking represent more than 25% of daily calorie intake for many consumers. People, who want to lose weight are struggling with this daily habit, as well as issues on reversing their metabolic problems, such as rising blood glucose levels due to increased insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, and the risk of liver damage.

However, help may be on way to these consumers. Since the 1930ties, the thirst and hunger suppressing properties of Hoodia plants from Africa have been recognized and studied. Now a non-endangered, safety validated specimen, H. parviflora, has been approved as a Novel food for European community market as a whole-food ingredient.

“Since 2015, when this whole food ingredient of H. parviflora was accepted in Ireland, it has been under scrutiny in the EFSA Novel Food workgroup. It has been a long journey due to structural changes at EFSA, but finally we’re here”, says Iris Danieli, CEO of Desert Labs Inc. Desert Labs’ has evaluated the safety of its H. parviflora product with a battery of published pre-clinical toxicological studies; a published, large clinical marketing study; and seven years in the commercial markets of the US (as well as several years in Russia and other countries) with no reports of adverse effects.  Additionally, interesting results related to metabolic syndrome in a thirty-day study of persons with insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease demonstrated efficacy and no evidence of adverse events.

ID Nutra, the commercial partner for Desert Labs in EU, has branded the concept SatiPlus™, which comprise both satiety and metabolic effects (detox). “We expect to assist formulators in implementing SatiPlus™ in many innovative “anti-snacking” solutions for consumers; such as capsules, tablets, soft drinks, fortified sweeteners, nutrition bars, lozenges, gummies and chewing gums “, says Karin Nielsen, VP of ID Nutra SL. “The successes from US and Asia, as well as the convenient dosage of this active botanical, leaves opportunities for building a diverse usage”, she adds.  The natural powder from the H. parviflora has shown remarkable results: “a single-blind placebo-controlled 40-day study comprising 204 individuals consumed a supplementation of H. parviflora in flavoured 3 g ice cubes or placebo cubes. A statistically significant loss of BMI, weight, and waistline was observed and self-reports were positive from the participants completing the study.”

The ingredient is 100% natural and a whole-food – aligning perfectly with natural and clean label trends. Desert Labs, the company behind H parviflora, together with European partner ID Nutra will now work with interested parties as well as introduce solutions on Vitafoods Europe 2018.

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