The EFSA published its updated opinion on ochratoxin A which states that no adjustment have been made to the tolerable intake for ochratoxin in feed and food. Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin that occurs following fungal invasion in a variety of plant products such as cereals, pulses, beans, beer, wine, grapefruit juice, cacao products, spices and nuts as well as in some animal-derived products. Exposure ochratoxin A can results in typical renal diseases. The risks for consumers associated with the dietary exposure to ochratoxin A have been evaluated several times which has led to the opinion on ochratoxin A in food. For pigs, the most sensitive animal species the level hs been set to 8 microgram per kg bodyweight. For humans, a tolerable weekly intake of 120 ng/kg body weight was derived for ochratoxin A.

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Ria Van Hoef

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