Collagen® Offers Two Halal Certified Ingredients

Collagen now available as 2 Halal certified ingredients

BioCell Technology, LLC announced a new grade of its flagship healthy aging ingredient, BioCell Collagen®. BioCell Collagen is now available Halal Certified, which are certified under two different halal certifying organizations to provide more options for our customers. The certifying organizations are the Islamic Society of the Washington Area-ISWA and Halal Quality Control/Halal Certification Germany. This is in addition to the three other grades of BioCell Collagen in its portfolio.

“We are pleased to now offer finished goods manufacturers’ choices to meet the needs of their consumers with this additional grade of BioCell Collagen®,” said Suhail Ishaq, President of BioCell Technology. “Global consumer demand made it possible for us to seek certifications from these two groups.”

Leading brands around the world use BioCell Collagen in their formulations to improve joint health, help facilitate normal joint recovery following exercise as well as helping to boost skin elasticity and firmness for younger healthier looking skin.

About BioCell Collagen®:

BioCell Collagen is a clinically tested dietary ingredient that promotes active joints, youthful-looking skin, and healthy connective tissues. BioCell Collagen contains a patented composition of naturally occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II (60-70%), chondroitin sulfate (20%), and hyaluronic acid (10%) in a highly absorbable matrix form that has been the subject of numerous human clinical trials, including trials on safety, efficacy, and bioavailability. It is self-affirmed GRAS and is available for both oral and topical applications. For more information and a directory of where to buy products made with BioCell Collagen®, visit


Ria Van Hoef